About Us

Clyde River Pet Lodge was established in 1999 and provides ultra modern facilities for both dogs and cats primarily. We place considerable emphasis on exercise and the wellbeing of the guests in our care. 



Our modern comfortable accommodation is bright and airy with excellent natural light. Buildings are double brick and fully insulated, with in-floor heating, providing the perfect conditions all year round. 


We offer a Hydrobathing and grooming service during your pets stay with us.


We utilise an efficient fully computerised client base and accommodation booking system. The following payment methods are accepted;


Health Care

We maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the complex. 

Our team of veterinary experienced nurses are able to undertake all medication requirements for your pet in need. 

If for any reason we decide that your pet requires veterinary attention we would arrange this with your own veterinarian. However in a situation where your vet is not obtainable we refer to our local vet at call. 

Pets with other specialised food requirements (ie. veterinary based) will need to supply this at the time of boarding.  


Our individual kennels are spacious and can comfortably accommodate in excess of two large dogs to industry standards. We provide flea-free trampoline style beds with blankets, however you are welcome to bring your pets' favourite bedding and toys for their comfort and familiarity.


We feed premium brand Advance™ pet food twice daily, and Ecopet natural health food products.


Dogs are exercised under supervision a minimum of four times daily in large, secure grassed yards adjoining the kennel. Where possible, this time can be used for socialisation and play.


Our Cattery provides spacious, light filled two level apartments, each with elevated sleeping platform, a window, and in-floor heating during the cooler months. A large sunny lounge area providing greater space for your cat to relax and play. We use only premium brand cat foods including Hills™, Advance™ and Royal Canin™.


We require to sight a current dated vaccination certificate for your pet(s) on arrival for boarding.

  • Dogs: C5
  • Cats: F3 or F4

An acceptable record history of vaccination must be evident.